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Welcome to The Prodigals Online

The Prodigals Online provides more holistic and rounded preparatory approaches to meet the social, emotional, economical developmental needs and aspirations of young people in transition to adulthood.

It supports their learning journey between the critical transitional stages through compulsory education and from dependency towards adult and working life. It sets out with the primary aim of enhancing and enlivening the teaching and learning of PSHE and Citizenship curriculum at Key stage 4 and beyond.

It will help young people to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to be adequately prepared for independent living.

This includes enabling the teaching of the links between their growing sense of independence and self-identity, and the importance of their personal, social and moral responsibility to self and others.

In essence it is about the adolescent search for independence and self-identity, and the discovery of personal responsibility, with increased awareness of the dangers and consequences of leaving the parental home prematurely.