The ProdigalsLondon Grid for Learning

Prodigals Education is a not-for-profit organisation working to extend opportunities for creative and interactive approaches to learning for young people in transition to adult and working life. It is taking pro-active actions to helping young people to discover and realise their potential in learning, life and work, becoming active, productive citizens.

Prodigals Education is working directly in schools, colleges and in the community, providing additional support and adopting a holistic 'young person-centric' approach to youth engagement and empowerment. This is achieved through the enabling of young people to make informed choices and helping to enhance their intellectual, social, emotional, economic wellbeing and independence.

We would like to thank Lambeth PCT for their support, endorsement and contribution as joint funders of this innovative project. We hope that this resource will be widely used to support the delivery of Lambeth PCT Health & Wellbeing and Healthy Schools programme. The Prodigals online e-learning resource will help to deliver a key area of the Lambeth PCT aims, including helping young people to live healthily, safely, productively and responsibly.

Lambeth Council is committed to promoting genuine partnership approaches between voluntary, community organisations and statutory education sectors. The Prodigals Online is aimed at providing added value resources to enhancing PHSE, Citizenship, Health and Wellbeing curriculum, and other aspects of the curriculum. Lambeth is fully committed to finding innovative tools and resources for engaging and empowering young people to make their own informed choices, and to take personal responsibility for their own lives and their communities as active and productive citizens. In line with the authority priority of creating opportunities for children and young people, it is leading the way in promoting better preparatory, asset and profit based approaches to youth engagement and empowerment.

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