The ProdigalsLondon Grid for Learning

The film's music videos provide plenty of additional extended learning opportunities to sensitively and creatively explore a range of emotional health and wellbeing issues, including personal development challenges and opportunities faced by young people to help them make informed choices about their lives.

Young people will be supported to develop social, emotional and behavioural skills as they explore and reflect on personal development issues in more depth using a format that is familiar and relevant.

You have watched the music videos, now share your thoughts.

From what you have seen and heard:

  • Which video stands out for you and why?
  • Which video was the most positive and why?
  • Which video was the most challenging and why?
  • Which video was the most realistic and why?
  • Which video surprised you and why?
  • Which video troubled you and why?
  • Which video inspired you and why?

Disclosures: Teachers and practitioners are reminded to begin all lessons by underlining that the session is not a safe place or confidential space to share personal issues and young people should consider this prior to disclosing information. Teachers are supported in this by references to the 'Engagement for Learning' activities.