The ProdigalsLondon Grid for Learning
Module 1: PSHE & Citizenship Curriculum at Key Stages 3-4 and beyond

About Module 1: With the key theme of Ready for Independence the lesson plans in this module provide PSHE and Citizenship coordinators, youth work practitioners and others working directly with young people, with the means to help them develop skills for life and work. Lesson plans have been skilfully crafted for use to proactively engage, educate and empower young people to consider their social and personal development needs and aspirations, as a means to help them take responsibility to fulfil their potential in learning, life and work.

The interactive activities encourage young people to discuss, reflect, write and present ideas, and help to increase awareness of the realities of adult ways of living. Young people are prompted to ask relevant questions to stimulate thought, discussion and critical reflection. Questions and activities encourage young people to actively engage with materials and to give their views on what their search for greater independence, autonomy and choice means to them in the 21st Century.

The outcome is that young people are better prepared with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to take personal responsibility as they become more independent, aspiring to the achievements of the best in their education, adult and working life.