The ProdigalsLondon Grid for Learning

Music is a powerful source of communication and social influence, especially as a means of emotional expression. Many artists use music to help them explore and express their feelings, strong emotions and frustrations. At the same time the lyrics of songs can be a source of inspiration and encouragement, with messages of hope in dealing with life's difficulties, challenges, setbacks and opportunities.

The Prodigals film soundtrack album consists of 15 tracks that reinforce the key messages in the film. It encourages young people to be reflective. Featured tracks are written by one of the UK's top singer and songwriters Beverley Knight, and contributions from unsigned artists, all of whom donated their services to the project free of charge.

The primary aim is to deliver the key messages in a style and format that is engaging, relevant and familiar to the 21st century teen, promoting young people's responsibilities and emotional health and well-being.

You have listened the music tracks, now share your thoughts.

From what you have heard:

  • Which track stands out for you and why?
  • Which track was the most positive and why?
  • Which track was the most challenging and why?
  • Which track was the most realistic and why?
  • What track surprised you and why?
  • What track troubled you and why?
  • What track inspired you and why?

Disclosures: Teachers and practitioners are reminded to begin all lessons by underlining that the session is not a safe place or confidential space to share personal issues and young people should consider this prior to disclosing information. Teachers are supported in this by references to the 'Engagement for Learning' activities.